My name’s Nate Ewert-Krocker, and boy do I like videogames.

It might be more accurate to say that I’m invested in the capacity of the medium to tell stories and inform how we think about our society and ourselves as human beings. But also I like to play them.

I originally started blogging here (titling it, at the time, “The Lost Levels”) as a means of recording my thoughts on some of the classics of the gaming canon that I’d missed growing up (like finally playing ActRaiser, or Ocarina of Time, or Metal Gear Solid 3), and as I endeavored to fill in the gaps in my “gaming education” I expanded to talking about some notable elements of games I played, like the subtle pleasures of socialization in Bully or how the Suikoden games changed how I think about friendship.

Now, the blog serves as a place for me to jot down observations that are too long for Twitter and offer links to my writing on various other publications. Feel free to peruse my writing portfolio if you’d like a concise list of articles I’ve written lately (or ever!). Thanks for stopping by.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter for occasional trenchant insights, bantering opportunities, and jokes about my cat: @NEwertKrocker.

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