Probably Archery Review — Kill Screen

Probably Archery is an exercise in tragicomic frustration”

Probably Archery is one of those games that’s a hoot to try but wears out its welcome pretty quickly. It’s an attempt at failure comedy, like QWOP or Surgeon Simulator, but the difference is that Probably Archery only derives its humor from the difficulty of the attempt, not the consequences of failure.

Nevertheless, there are at least a few good laughs therein. Why don’t you see what I thought of it?

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Nate Ewert-Krocker has been both a gamer and a writer since he was very small. He believes that gaming, as a medium, deserves to be considered and chronicled with the same level of detail and attention as the rest of our pop culture. He's also an author! You can check out his fiction at And, of course, the ol' Google+

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