Brave Fencer Musashi — The Musashi Legend

Anybody remember this game? Just me?

Brave Fencer Musashi was a weird one, the kind of game that probably wouldn’t make it stateside in this day and age. It was a cute (maybe a little too cute) action RPG that set its aims squarely on Ocarina of Time and didn’t quite hit the mark.

If you can’t beat The Legend of Zelda, that doesn’t exactly mean you’ve failed, and Musashi had a host of interesting ideas that were worth experiencing, including a system by which you could absorb your foes’ abilities and, if I remember correctly, a system wherein your stamina drained slowly throughout the day until you actually had to nap on the battlefield if you didn’t manage your time well. There might also have been a part in the story where you had to fight off werewolves until dawn while you were trapped in a church, but I might have made that part up.

Have a listen! The game had a good soundtrack, but this piece–the main theme–is probably the best. Except for the final dungeon music…? Maybe I’ll look for that one next…


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