Suikoden II — Bright Curtains (the Cooking Duel)

It’s Election Day, and as America selects its leader (and its destiny), this song will be stuck in my head from the moment I get up until the moment the results are all in.

I… I don’t know why. It’s just a thing.


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Nate Ewert-Krocker has been both a gamer and a writer since he was very small. He believes that gaming, as a medium, deserves to be considered and chronicled with the same level of detail and attention as the rest of our pop culture. He's also an author! You can check out his fiction at And, of course, the ol' Google+

One response to “Suikoden II — Bright Curtains (the Cooking Duel)”

  1. theyoungking45 says :

    This is the best mini-game ever created. Drama – sillyness – attention to detail – great music. Nobody can top it.

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