The 7th Guest — The Game

A little more Halloween goodness.

At a party this past weekend, some friends and I played a round of the excellent Betrayal at House on the Hill, a board game which takes its cues from classic horror and slasher films–and which contains the excellent mechanic of morphing into one of fifty different endgame scenarios once a certain threshold has been passed and the “traitor” is revealed. In this particular game, the heroes met their untimely end at the hands of a gang of hellspawn (thanks for siding with the Demon Lord, Hayley).

I like to play my board games with a little bit of mood music, and so I searched for some appropriate tunes on YouTube once the game got going. I immediately settled on the soundtrack to The 7th Guest, among the first CD-ROM adventure games to be widely available (it precedes Myst!).

I’ll confess that I haven’t played through either The 7th Guest or its sequel, The 11th Hour, but I thoroughly appreciate the horror aesthetic, and I have a fondness for the cheesiness of FMV-based adventure games. I prefer to get my puzzles from either an English gentleman in a top hat or a wannabe mighty pirate, but The 7th Guest has always been on my list of classics to try. I fell in love with the soundtrack through a couple of OC Remixes by the excellent Mazedude. Check out one of them below:


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