The Theme of Fire Emblem

I’ve been thinking about this piece a lot over the last couple days– there are a handful of game themes that pop up in my head frequently, and I’m always surprised at how often I find myself humming the theme from Fire Emblem. I’ve actually only beaten one of the games in the series (the first outing on GBA to be ported to the States), though I’ve played halfway through two or three others. Nevertheless, I’ve always loved this main theme, and was particularly pleased to hear the choral treatment it got for Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Game music needs more marches. An upbeat track like this is an excellent way to steel yourself for a difficult day at work–or to get yourself psyched for some truly immersive escapism! In any case, it’s a track I thought deserved to be brought to more people’s attention, especially because it belongs to a series that was Japan-only for so long. Listen and enjoy!

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