In Case of Trouble

Just about the most worthwhile game purchase I made last year was Supergiant Games‘s Bastion bundled with its soundtrack by Darren Korb. 2011 saw an awful lot of good game music, but nothing has racked up so many plays in my iTunes counter as this soundtrack–part folk, part western, part electronica… It’s a little difficult to pigeonhole, but it’s nothing short of fabulous.

Look, the Humble Indie Bundle V is still going on for another two days, and all I’m saying is– that $9 you’d have to pay to get all eight games and five of their soundtracks? That $9 is worth it for the Bastion soundtrack alone.

Have a listen to this: “In Case of Trouble.” If this doesn’t get you psyched to go on an adventure, then no words of mine are going to do it.

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Nate Ewert-Krocker has been both a gamer and a writer since he was very small. He believes that gaming, as a medium, deserves to be considered and chronicled with the same level of detail and attention as the rest of our pop culture. He's also an author! You can check out his fiction at And, of course, the ol' Google+

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